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SCO Server Response - Multiple Server - Current + Retired Products


Multiple Server - Current and Retired Products - Annual

Multiple Server - Current and Retired Products - Annual Contract

Server Response is SCO's latest end user phone support offering for both SCO OpenServer and SCO UnixWare.

If you have multiple servers, and need support for both current and retired products, SCO Server Response gives you the assurance of reliable and knowledgeable expertise direct from SCO Support Services.

The service covers you for unlimited incidents for up to five SCO servers.


Support for up to five SCO operating system license installations including retired products (contact us for list of supported retired products)

Unlimited telephone & email incidents

Four business hour response

Up to two authorised contacts

Includes support for one layered product

Access to Online Service Manager which includes:

  • All current technical articles and patches

  • Proactive email notification service of new technical articles and patches

  • Online access to support activity and account information

24x7 Emergency Services available as an additional option.